Torque Barbell Intermediate Program

The Torque Barbell Intermediate Program is designed for people that have stalled on their progress in the Olympic Lifts.  It adds more volume then the beginner program along with more strength exercises such as Push Presses, Overhead Squats and Muscle Snatches.  


Day 1

Torque Warmup


Snatch  70% 2x3

Back Squat 80% 3x5

Clean Deadlift 110% of Clean 5x3

Push Press  75% 5x5

Accessory Work

Pullups 3xMaximum


Day 2

Torque Warmup


Muscle Snatch (Heavy Single)

Snatch 60% 2x5

Clean 60% 2x5

Split Jerk 60% 2x5


tyler reiter