“Tyler has an easy gong but serious coaching style which I found complimentary to the way I learn. He has a passion for weightlifting and sharing his knowledge of this sport to other and it shows in his coaching. The program that he has designed is challenging and definitely pushes the individual to build the base strength and skill necessary for Olympic Weightlifting. I have made many personal records while following his programming and it is amazing to look back to how much stronger, faster and confident I have gotten since I started. I started CrossFit at CrossFit 1080 3 years ago and exclusively began training in Olympic Weightlifting at Torque Barbell over 2 years ago. Tyler is also very pragmatic and willing to work with each person to determine how our workouts, accessory work can fit in each of our lives, whether it is dude to schedule, previous injuries, specific weaknesses. ect. this is important because each of the Torque Barbell athletes come from different backgrounds and experience and each of us may have different goals, yet we all are able to train and get stronger together under Torque Barbell, it makes of a fun and positive environment to be part of.”
— Ivy Ng

“ I came to Torque Barbell barely able to get 35 lbs above my head and consistently injuring myself on my own due to lack of knowledge. Once I started to build my strengths, focus on weaknesses and have overall fitness, 3 years later I started to compete in Weightlifting at the High School level. I got 3rd in state and it was only my second meet I had ever competed in or any competition for the matter. I am now competing for the state tital and am the fittest I have ever been in my life. At Torque Barbell we focus on identifying and fixing weak points in both the programming and structural imbalances in individual athletes to improve performance and reduce injury. In short, Tyler makes us do the things we don’t want to do, but it makes us better.”
— Alex Magozzi