Vision and philosophy


Torque Barbell's Vision is simple,  we are looking to change peoples lives through Olympic Weightlifting. We do not care about your athletic background nor your strength. Our focus is to help you reach your goals, both physically and mentally, then exceed them. We have people accomplish feats they never thought they were capable of everyday. Do you have what it takes?

Concept of Torque. There is a very specific reason for the name "Torque Barbell". Torque is the foundation of human movement and a core principle in all facets of training such as weightlifting and powerlifting. Torque is defined as the product of a force times the perpendicular distance from its line of action to the axis of motion (or potential motion). In layman’s terms, more torque means a more effective lever. Think about opening a heavy door. If you push on the door close to the hinges, it will be more difficult to open than if you push on the side of the door furthest from the hinge (hinge = axis). A force is more effective when applied further from the axis because the length of the moment arm is greater. You push and pull countless objects in all directions every day in the gym, and the human musculoskeletal system is nothing more than an intricate system of levers and pulleys. 

Live your life like a wolf, be true to your values, and the capacity for weakness vanishes.

Philosopher Mark Rowlands states in his book, The Philosopher and the Wolf, that “The weakness we manufacture in ourselves consists, fundamentally, in a certain way of thinking about ourselves and the evil acts we commit. We whine our excuses; we snivel of our extenuating circumstances. We couldn’t have done otherwise, we tell ourselves and anyone else who will listen. Perhaps this is true. But our weakness consists in thinking that this matters. A wolf does not make excuses. A wolf does what it does – perhaps what it has to do – and accepts the consequences.”

Our Coaching staff has a rich history in competition