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Torque Barbell coaches are not just coaches. They’re teachers, experts, competitors, and champions. Our team of coaches are here for our athletes with passion to match their knowledge and experience so there is no limit to what you can accomplish.


Tyler Reiter Owner/head Coach


Tyler Reiter has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 12 years and has owned Torque Strength & Conditioning for 5 years. Tyler started lifting weights when he was only 12, so when he says he specializes in weightlifting and powerlifting, he means it.

Tyler played college Football at Augsburg where he earned honors and also professional football for three years in the SPFL, where his team was league champion three years running. Tyler coaches strength and conditioning workshops, he has also been the guest speaker at various universities on programming and movement for strength and conditioning and travels nationally coaching movement specialty.

“My coaching is abstract, in your face, sincere, and truthful,” he says. “I will get you where you want to go as an athlete and a person, We were born with the strength and determination to push ourselves past mediocrity. “


Exercise Science and Human Performance with a minor in Coaching - Augsburg University


Movement Specialist

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

USA Advanced Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

USA Weightlifting Club Coach

StrongFit Coach

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Bob Jones weightlifting coach

Weightlifting Coach Bob Jones has been weightlifting competitively for 12 years, so he’s the ideal coach for Torque Barbell athletes who want to raise their lifting technique to an elite level.

Bob’s awards list is as impressive as his strength, and includes being a member of the USA Weightlifting Team in the 1980s, 1987 National Championships (2nd place), 1987 Olympic Festival (gold medal), 1987 Moomba International (gold medal), 1988 National Championships (3rdplace), 1988 Olympic Trials (2nd place), 1989 National Championships (2nd place), 1989 World Championships (10th place), and so many more.


Tony Morelli weightlifting coach

Weightlifting Coach Tony Morelli enjoys the teaching component of coaching. “Program design and all that is fun, but implementation of the skills and exercises is what I love the most,” he says.

Tony has been a competitive weightlifter for two years and has had three big wins in the past few years: 2015 Minnesota LWC Championship (3rdplace), 2015 Minnesota Open (2nd place), 2016 Minnesota LWC Championship (4th place).

“I’ve always loved and done Olympic lifts since high school, but I never got the push to compete,” he says. “Finally, in 2014, Coach Tyler gave me the push I needed, and I’ve been competing ever since.”


B.A. in Health Fitness - Augsburg College

M.Ed. in Kinesiology - University of Minnesota



Colin Huntington weightlifting coach


Colin Huntington began his journey into fitness when he watched his mother try to recover from a back injury. She had surgeries and medications and “ultimately was misdiagnosed for a problem that could be solved in a natural way: strength.” Colin took what he learned during his mother’s struggles and began to apply it to his own life and then to others. He got certified to coach to give other people the “tools to set themselves up for success.


CrossFit Level 1

USAW Sports Performance Coach


Lexie Routt weightlifting coach

Lexie Routt has been CrossFitting for eight years and specializes in gymnastics which then lead her to weightlifting. She got into CrossFit after working with her dad at an Air Force gym when she was only 15. “We saw some people in the corner doing handstands and other crazy things,” she said. “We approached them since it looked like they were having fun, and since then I’ve been hooked.”

She loves the family atmosphere at CrossFit 1080. “I truly love going into my gym every day and getting to chat with people who are genuine friends and know more about them as a person rather than just how much they can lift,” she says.


CrossFit Level 1

USAW Sports Performance Coach


Tony Madline Powerlifting coach

Personal experience in primarily Powerlifting/Strongman.

Competitive Powerlifter for 19 years

Favorite Strength Athlete-Fenn Cournoyer/Bill Kazmaier

Favorite Strength Coach – Sven Erlandson

Favorite Movie-Rudy

Favorite Quote – “you’re either in or you’re in the way” –Mark Bell

Football/Strength assistant coach at Augsburg College from 06-11.

Currently works in finance and an assistant football coach at Mahtomedi. Resides in Stillwater, MN. Attended Mahtomedi High school and Augsburg College.